This page is meant for Open Hexagon 2.0 level packs that I have made. To add a level pack, unzip any folder downloaded from below, have the ‘Packs’ folder open, and put the extracted folder in it.

If you don’t know what Open Hexagon is, it’s a not as popular indie game where you are a small triangle not trying to get squished while rotating around a polygon, mainly a hexagon. This game is free to play, as it is a very well made clone of Super Hexagon, which this game tries to get it’s players to learn more about C++ and what the language can do.

Warning, do not play this game if you get nauseaus easy or are prone to seizures, this will not likely be the game for you if your eyes don’t like colors and flashing lights, or 3D effects, and your ears will explode from the awesome soundtrack. Just so you know.



Ardi's Prism.jpg


This is the first level pack I have made, featuring 11 different levels… except 2 are kinda alike because they are siblings.

Also, shoutout to this guy who I kinda did a rip on some of his stuff to make 2 levels stated below. Unseriously as the pack I got them from.  The second one uses a style, and the third one uses a script. I did everything else I swear… except for the music, but I think we all know that.

Radiation – Cough Cough!

Visible Spectrum – Warning, will trigger seizures!

Negative Hyperspace – When the game doesn’t want you to win, you watch.

Sonix Speed – Gotta go faster.

Solunar – Probably the coolest in this pack.

Midnight Mayhem – It’s pretty chaotic, though simple.

Moar Radiation – Such moar

Rainstorm – Here it cometh?

Phazd – Now with more phases!

Genocide – You will cry…. Then, you will die. AND LATER?!?! Maybe an ice cappuccino.

Ardi’s Prism – Are you prepared?