Have you ever just wanted to restart your whole life? To begin anew? I would say that many reading this would likely say yes to that. There are always mistakes in life we regret, mistakes we wish we could remove or forget. It is after all, life. You can’t change what has already happened.

I know that feeling.

I hate feeling, so helpless, and fearful, of my past actions. I’ve tried for the most part to make my past unknown, and forgotten, that I’ve completely left no trace of what I’ve done to… well, even with who I am today, I’m still regretting things I have done.

So here we are. On this grand planet of Novus, their home, your home, my dream. It’s the perfect utopia, a land of bio-artelic magicks and mechalular technology, where when all hands are held firmly do the birds trill and intone, where everybody can become the strong no matter who you are, and where your hearts can overcome anything, anything. Anything can be fixed by someone whose heart, desire, and hope are strong enough… This was the world I wished for us all, and it brings me great joy to bring it to you.

But if such a utopia exists, what’s the point? Personally, I would hate to live in a world without problems, it wouldn’t satisfy my need to accomplish, or have need for my worth, and by far, I can stand to say, that there is no such thing as a perfect utopia.

This is a story, about you, and a woman. I ask of you to accompany this lady on her travels, as I want you to both discover about yourselves, and who you truely are. You will learn many things from many people, whether they are short or tall, thin or fat, neurotic or psychotic, there are many people

Wonder’s War… how would I explain this story?

It’s a game about Love and Hate.

War and Peace.

Gain and Loss.

Hope and Death.

Humor and Sarcasm.

Happiness and Sadness.

Victory and Defeat.

Meanings and Values.

Gods and Magic.

Politicians and Machines.

Worlds and Minds.

Order and Chaos.

Light and Dark.

Imagination and Creation.

But above all else, this is a tale,

of Wonder, and Mystery…


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